Writing your first Blog Post with the NEW Thrive Architect Editor

From your WordPress dashboard click on ‘Add New Post’. Put in your title and ‘Save as Draft’. Always save as draft until you are ready to publish. Next click on the Green Button ‘Edit with Thrive Architect’.  I always like to start with an Image. Grab the ‘Image’ element and drop it onto the post. Upload […]

How to Build Your Network Marketing Business Online Leveraging the Five Levels of Internet Automation

Reality check: There are a lot of people in network marketing—especially six- and seven-figure earners—who have to work their tail off to maintain their income. And though they have created a successful lifestyle, when they stop working, their income immediately drops. Which, I think we can all agree, isn’t what you want! Because if you’re anything like me, you started […]

How to create a Facebook Fanpage and Instantly have Hundreds or Thousands of Followers

If you want to use Facebook to build a business or sell a product, according to their policies & procedures you need a Fan page or a Business page.  It’s also the only way you can run Ads. A lot of Entrepreneurs starting out will start their business page and then run a ‘likes campaign’ to […]

How to Share Your 60 Second Story in MLM

How important is your story to build your home-based business? In my opinion it is one of the most important parts of building a team.  People want to hear your story. Where you came from and why you are doing what you are doing. Here is how to properly put together and share your 60 second […]

The Problem with Prospecting and Recruiting on Social Media

This August will mark 6 years (2011) since I entered the network marketing arena and my life took a crazy detour into the world of entrepreneurship, deep personal development and experiencing more negativity than any human should have to endure. ​The good news is my story in this industry has a good ending. ​I sold my sawmill/timber business […]

How to ATM Your Way to Success in Network Marketing

Okay Jonas, so what the heck are you talking about ATM your way to success in Network Marketing?  Let me explain…..first of all it’s an acronym for Add-Tag-Message​. But before we dig into this, let’s first look at some basics taught by most leaders.  Here is how most leaders and trainers teach to Prospect and Recruit. Pique someone’s […]

10 Twitter Marketing Mistakes To Avoid At All Costs

It always amazes me how many Network Marketers and Affiliate Marketers I meet who say to me, “Ah, I don’t do Twitter” or, “It doesn’t work for us; we tried it but got no results.” When I look at some of their Twitter accounts (yes, I’m very nosey), I see that all they did was put […]

How to Vacation to the Grand Canyon and Hoover Dam for less than $750

Want to go on a quick vacation but not sure if you can afford it? Maybe this is something you’d want to consider.  Visiting the Grand Canyon is something we’ve always wanted to do, and in my opinion everyone should see at least once in their life. The grandeur and the huge-ness of it can only […]

3 Strategies to Build Your Business on Social Media

Numerous friends of mine who have earned tens of millions of dollars in network marketing have used Internet marketing and recruiting online to build their organization. Yet, some of them are still teaching old-school methods. Why? Because no matter what evolves, you still want to create engagement offline with your market as well as online when […]