5 Different Ways to Start an Online Business For Under $1000

It seems that nowadays the rage is to start and grow an online business and truly work from anywhere and live the “Dream Life”. In fact in the last few days I’ve had 2 different people ask me the best way to start an online business, and so that inspired me to write this blog […]

How to do Facebook Competitor Ad Research

Have you ever heard of these marketers that advertise on Facebook and supposedly get these incredible results with their ads? I know I have… Well recently I’ve come across 2 different methods that let you see exactly what kind of ads they are running.  Kinda like Russell Brunson started his Clickfunnels business by “hacking funnels”, by the end […]

4 Proven Methods to Establish Your Authority in the Online Network Marketing Arena

Building Authority with Your Blog

This my friends… is such an awesome blog post I just had to share! So quick disclaimer: The rest of this post was written by my friend and awesome Marketer BILL PESCOSOLIDO. I do have permission to share this post but I just wanted you to know that this post ROCKS and all credit goes to […]

7 Tips to Help you Pick the Perfect Domain Name for your Website

​Choosing the perfect domain name for your website, can be challenging and frustrating, but it really doesn’t need to be.  You’ll definitely want to put some serious thought and consideration into it, but with the 7 tips I shared in the video below, I think you’ll find much more clarity of how to go about this.  My […]

How to add your Affiliate Link to your Blog Post using Thrive Architect

In this video I’m going to show you how to hyper-link a link into your blog post if you are using Thrive Architect.  Now if you aren’t using Thrive Architect, the process will be almost the same, only a few things will be moved around.  Here is the link I inserted in the video to the […]

How to Create Twitter Cards

Creating a Twitter Card will help your website, capture pages, and Blog Posts stand out more on Twitter. Getting you more results and more exposure to your sites! In this video I show you how it’s done using a WordPress website and a little bit of coding.  Here is the exact coding I used in this […]

How to Create Those 1-Click Email Sign Up Links

In this video I show you how to create a link so that when someone clicks a link in your email, they are automatically subscribed to the appropriate list.  That way people don’t have to opt-in twice to multiple lists. Much easier to get them to subscribe.  Please leave a comment below with your thoughts or […]

Creating A/B Split Tests of a Capture Page Using Thrive Optimize

If you are serious about your marketing you probably know how important it is to do A/B testing of your capture pages/sales pages…etc..  But up to this point it wasn’t easy to do without using some kind of special software or some extreme linking with Google Analytics.  But GOOD NEWS!! Thrive Themes comes to the rescue again. […]

Why Ranking #1 on Google Is Bad for Your ROI (And What You Should Do Instead)

Since I’ve started building websites for people, I keep hearing a lot about SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and how important it is or isn’t.  For a lot of Marketers it becomes a lifelong dream to have their business found on page 1 of Google and generating tons of leads and customers for Free. (Meaning not paid […]