I'm just an average guy with Extra-Ordinary Dreams, Desires, and results!

I'm just an average guy with Extra-Ordinary Dreams, Desires, and results!


I'm Jonas Troyer, I was born in Holmes County, Ohio in an Amish Family, the oldest of 10 children. My Dad is an Amish bishop and owns his own Furniture shop where he makes custom kitchen cabinets and other furniture. 

At the age of 14 years old I had graduated (8 grades) from the Amish school I attended in Fryburg, Ohio. My Dad asked me what or where I want to work for my first job. I told him I'd love to work where my Grandfather works, which was at a local sawmill.

I knew they took the employees on a trip every year and I love traveling.   

I got the job and after working there for 10 years, I decided to start my own sawmill. We had 7 employees and were busy buying timber, running a logging crew, and cutting lumber on the sawmill. We cut a lot of walnut and sent it to China, as well as local wood shops bought lumber from us as well. 

In 2003, Barbara and I met at the local Amish youth gatherings. After a few romantic years of dating, we got married in July of 2006. We moved into the house where I grew up in about 2 miles west of Mt. Hope, Ohio. In 2013 we moved to the Orrville, Ohio area where we live today.  

Here's a Facebook Live we did on how we met.

In 2011 we got introduced to our first Network Marketing company! I was very skeptical at first but after much research and some success we soon realized the power of the business model. Today I strongly believe it to be the best business model in the world to move products and services. (it's not perfect, just better)

After our first MLM company shut down, we joined our 2nd company in 2013 and in June of 2014 we officially Fired Our Boss and went full time in the industry. 

In 2016 after many hours, days, and weeks on the road being way from my family, I decided to turn to social media to build my business online.

After some struggles trying to get a system in place to build with, we realized we had to switch companies if we truly wanted to build online. After much thought, consideration, and research we joined our 3rd MLM company in January of 2017. (We still use the products from our 2nd one.)

This new company had a very good system in place to build using social media, and today we are able to build a global business from the comfort of our home. (Or wherever we're at with an internet connection) 

Coaching and Websites

After building a team of 2,500+ all over the world, I knew I was going to have people asking me for coaching. So I put a package plan together and after coaching a few marketers, I found coaching is something I really enjoy. So be sure to check out my 1-on-1 coaching tab in the menu if that interests you. 

Even before I started building my own business online I already had a personal website (this one). After taking care of my own websites (3 of them today) for a few years, in the summer of 2017 I had numerous people ask me to help them with their website. After some thought and realizing the need for web designers, I decided to create an actual business out of it. 

So on January 1, 2018 Troyer Websites became a real business. Today we build websites for many different industries, build our MLM using social media, and teach and coach other marketers how to build their business online. 

We have been blessed with 5 kids and we all love traveling, the great outdoors, and spending time as a family doing these things. 

We Love the Beach and the Outdoors!

We Love the Beach and the Outdoors!

If you've read so far, I want to thank-you for joining me as I've shared our journey in life and business, and if you want to connect farther be sure to check out my blog, follow me on Facebook, and check out the online trainings we offer for FREE.