Okay Jonas, so what the heck are you talking about ATM your way to success in Network Marketing? 

Let me explain.....first of all it's an acronym for Add-Tag-Message​. But before we dig into this, let's first look at some basics taught by most leaders. 

Here is how most leaders and trainers teach to Prospect and Recruit. 

Pique someone's interest​

You need a list of people to talk to of course, but then you pique their interest and find out if they are open to looking at your products/opportunity.

Pass them Info 

Whether that's an online video, a home meeting, or maybe a webinar. You get the point. Some kind of presentation. 

Plug into a 3rd Party​

​3- way calls (also called a closing call) is probably the the most common way of doing this.  

That stuff works, but there's a few flaws in that system most people don't think about​ (and some leaders won't admit). 

First of all there's no follow up system included in these 3 steps. Now granted, if you are a great recruiter you might think, "Follow up? I just get them to make a decision on the first showing!​"

I get it! I used to think the same way...... but I've learned, no matter how great a recruiter you are...

Some people will just not get started right away because timing isn't right.

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That is probably the #1 drawback I see with this approach.

The second drawback is, if and when you become a successful leader and you are being plugged into 3- way calls all the time, you're going to run out of time. 

And time Freedom is why a lot of us got into the industry to begin with.​


Since we started using this strategy, our business has grown to multiple other states and countries and we haven't left our house once to go do a home party, hotel meeting, or even a coffee shop sitdown.

Here's how it works....

By using Attraction Marketing and Personal Branding and never sharing our company name or link publicly on Facebook, when we have someone interested in learning more, we Add them to a private Facebook group with their knowledge or permission of course.

Inside these private groups, we have all kinds of videos, testimonials, and social proof for our products or opportunity. We keep product and business separate. One group for each.

Also all the company and team recognition is posted inside the business group. We don't recognize team members publicly, unless it's like a curiosity post. 

So that's the ADD part of ATM.

So when they reach out to us for more info, and/or we actively prospect someone and they want to learn more, you Add them to the appropriate group. (product or business)

If they absolutely don't like what they see, they can quietly leave the group and go on about their business. 

Now Tag'em

Once you've added them to the group or groups depending on whether they are interested in products or opportunity or both, you TAG them in the "pinned post" 

Which should be a video about your product or business. Then in addition to that they can check out the rest of the posts inside the group. You can even tag them in more posts if you like. 

Now when I say Tag I'm talking about 'mentioning' them in the comments of the post. I guess that's not actually tagging, but that what everybody seems to call it. 

What this also does....if the prospect is interested but the doesn't get started right away, they will continue to get some Facebook notifications about that post or that group. 

Facebook will 'drip on them' for us! How cool is that?

Just yesterday I was messaging with a lady that just got started and she told me her sponsor had ATM'ed her about a month ago. Facebook had continued to drip on her until she decided to get started. 


Remember the 3rd step, the 3-way call? Well here's what we do. After you've Added and Tagged them in the group's pinned post. Give them a little time to check it out.

​Then set up a group chat on Facebook Messenger with your prospect, and your up-line leader(s). Try to connect them with someone they can relate to. For example; If it's someone that's interested in loosing weight, connect them with someone that has lost weight. 

Once you've set up the group chat, do some introductions and edify the leader on the chat. This is very important because they want to have an idea who they are talking to. ​

Let the leader answer any questions they might have.

Then it's your job to ask them for a decision. I've found that asking for the decision is best received in a private one-on-one message. or sometimes you hop on the phone for a couple minutes.

But anytime they ask a question I'd refer to the group chat and let the leader answer it. Unless it's a very simple question, of course.

The biggest benefit of doing group chats on Facebook Messenger versus 3- way calls is nether party has to spend 3 to 5 minutes on the phone at the same time. People are busy with their lives!

But almost everybody hops on Facebook multiple times per day, and when they can respond at their convenience to the chats, that's more duplicatable.

Also if you have at least 2 leaders in the chat to answer questions, they aren't tied up on a call. Which ever one that sees it first can respond.  

Bonus Tip; Use the audio recorder on Messenger. When people can hear your tone of voice, ​they can relate much better. This is very powerful!

In a Nutshell

This is basically a sales funnel except it's 100% on Facebook and Messenger  (No upsells tho...haha). 

Utilizing Facebook to build a personal brand and using Attraction Marketing (leading with value and curiosity) ​is key to building a real Network Marketing business long-term. 

If you don't understand what Attraction Marketing is or how it works, click here for a FREE 10- day Attraction Marketing Bootcamp.

​Just don't ever add people to groups without their permission or knowledge. That really ticks people off when someone does that. 

Cool? Was that helpful? If you got value from this...feel free to leave a comment below and share with your friends. ​

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About the author 

Jonas Troyer

Jonas Troyer is the owner and founder of Troyer Websites a web design and digital marketing firm in Apple Creek Ohio.

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