The 510 foot long 'life-sized' replica of Noah's Ark sits off of I-75 near Williamstown, KY. When you first get there, you'll park in a gigantic parking lot right off of Interstate. 

Once you have your tickets, you can board the bus to be taken to the Ark. (about a mile from the parking lot) There were lot's of buses available when we were there. ​

Once you arrive, there will be another ticketing booth there where you can rent strollers, scooters, and get Zip line tickets. As well as a nice good- sized restroom facility.

Once you enter the Ark on the first level, you will immediately get the feeling like the flood is just starting. Lots of thunder and lightning and the sound of a major rain storm. (animal sounds too)

​Noah's Family

You'll soon notice a lot of feed storage along the sides of the Ark. I'm sure there had to be lots of feed on board to feed all those animals. 

At first you'll notice a lot of closed cages (bird cages maybe), and as you get about 1/2 way thru the first level you'll get to larger cages with bigger animals in them. (not real animals at first)​

There are 2 Theaters on level 2 & 3 

And a few live animals on the inside. There's also a petting Zoo for the kids on the outside. ​ The kids were able to pet a couple of lizards that the handlers were holding. 

The 2 theaters are at the end of the 2nd and 3rd level. Approx. 20- 25 minutes ​for each one. 

There are ramps in the middle of the Ark to go from one level to another. Very nice for anybody with a wheelchair, stroller, or any kind of disability. 

Was it Exactly like this?​

You know it's very interesting to consider, "Was the real Noah's Ark similar to this one?" How much is actually known today about the original?

Does it really matter? I don't think it's that important that it's 100% on point.

One thing we do know is the size. God told Noah exactly how big to make the Ark. And those are the exact dimensions of the Ark Encounter today. 510 feet long. 85 feet wide. 51 feet high. ​

Very Nice One Day Trip

We really enjoyed our day at the Ark Encounter. Barbara's family (her siblings and nieces and nephews) were almost all there as well. As well as a lot of other people. 

There's a very nice reasonably priced restaurant on site with an 'all-you-can-eat buffet'. And lot's of seating. Also multiple little pizza, burger, and snack shops scattered around the grounds too. 

General admission tickets are $40 for adults and $28 for kids age 5-12. Kids under 5 are free. Multiple day, Senior, and Combo tickets are also available. The sister attraction, The Creation Museum isn't very far away. 

For more information or to get tickets click here to visit the Ark Encounter website directly. 

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