"I'm going to 'try' to be there. Yeah I think I'll make it." Means they ain't coming. Have you ever invited someone to a meeting and they didn't show up?

Have you been taught that the word 'Try' is bad and you should never use it? Well in this video I share with you how you can use the word to your benefit in some cases and actually grow your business with it.

Shoutout to Ray Higdon for sharing this with us in Rank Makers. 

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Jonas Troyer

Jonas & Barbara live in Ohio with their 6 children. Owner of Troyer Websites as well as being professional marketers and marketing trainers and love traveling and enjoying the great outdoors! When they aren't building their business on Facebook or Twitter you will find them spending time with their kids or gardening or on a trip adventure of some kind.

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Jonas Troyer