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How to create a Facebook Fanpage and Instantly have Hundreds or Thousands of Followers

If you want to use Facebook to build a business or sell a product, according to their policies & procedures you need a Fan page or a Business page.  It’s also the only way you can run Ads. A lot of Entrepreneurs starting out will start their business page and then run a ‘likes campaign’ to […]

3 Strategies to Build Your Business on Social Media

Numerous friends of mine who have earned tens of millions of dollars in network marketing have used Internet marketing and recruiting online to build their organization. Yet, some of them are still teaching old-school methods. Why? Because no matter what evolves, you still want to create engagement offline with your market as well as online when […]

Old School MLM Methods versus Online Facebook Strategies (Includes Proof)

As I turned on the small gravel country road and stopped my car, I came to the realization that something has to change.  I was on the way home traveling thru Indiana when it happened. The car started acting up and I thought it’s probably getting some kind of pneumonia. But that wasn’t the main problem. […]