As I turned on the small gravel country road and stopped my car, I came to the realization that something has to change. 

I was on the way home traveling thru Indiana when it happened. The car started acting up and I thought it's probably getting some kind of pneumonia. But that wasn't the main problem.

I had just enough money with me to pay for the fuel to get home and maybe about $25 extra. I wasn't getting paid until the following day at noon.

So here I was out in central IN out in the country, needing to fix my car and I knew I had only about $25 to spare or I'd have to wait until the following day to pay for it and head on home. Right then and there I made up my mind, something had to change. This paycheck to the day before paycheck living just wasn't "cutting the mustard" as they say.

The truth that point we had already been in the Network Marketing industry for a few years and it seemed we should have been farther ahead then we were.

We were doing everything they told us to do! ​

Meetings, Coffee shop sit-downs, Kitchen Tables, ​House parties, Barbecues, Saturday Trainings, conference calls, Webinars, and Events. We did it all. So why weren't we getting ahead faster? 

We were building our business. Our team was growing. Our customer base was growing....but where was our money going?

In 2015 our gross income for the year was about 3 times of what I had ever made working a job. Yes it was in the 6 figures. (I say that humbly) But here's part of the problem...

In 2015 we were able to write off 60,000 miles as a tax write-off​. At 57 cents per mile that's $34,200 in Tax write-offs in just the mileage. Plus there was another couple thousand in Hotel Rooms. (I sometimes slept on friend's couches to preserve ching)

Plus eating at Restaurants.

Now one of my Mentors and Leaders was traveling all over the world to build his Bid'nez and one day I asked him how much it's going to cost me if I do a trip to Africa. His answer....."About $15,000."

Now I'm not knocking these methods or ways of building a Network Marketing business. They work! I did them for several years. I really enjoy traveling and meeting new people. We made many new friends all over the country.  

But what if there's a Better Way?​

In mid-summer of 2016, I knew I had to figure out this online stuff. I knew leaders in other companies were having success with it. Plus one day as I was doing a meeting in a lady's office for about 4 or 5 woman, one of them asked me if I sell a lot online?

I had to say, "No". We had maybe gotten a few leads from Facebook at that time, but nothing worth mentioning.

Well this lady proceeded to tell me she builds her business almost entirely online. And she told me about how much she was making. It was enough to make me get serious about figuring this out. So I dug in.....

Long story short, we started transitioning to more online methods and slowly but surely faded out of the Old Methods of running all over the country doing meetings.

There were some struggles along the way. Some people thought we are trying to re-invent the wheel and not doing what is proven to work. I can see their points. We had to leave them behind and start hanging out with the people that were successful using the Facebook strategies.  


We build almost entirely on Facebook. (A little bit on Twitter) So how does that work? First of all we are doing the exact same steps that we did in the other methods.

  1. Find people to talk to...
  2. Show them a presentation if they are open to looking.
  3. Connect them to a third party for validation and to answer any questions. 

We call it the ATM method. Add-Tag-Message. Very simple. But how well does it work? It has now been 45 days since we started using the ATM method on Facebook. Here are the results so far....

In the last 45 days we personally sponsored 23 people from 10 different states and Canada. We got 6 personal customers that qualifies us to get our personal monthly requirement for free! 

The team today is in the following states, Ohio (where we live), Indiana, Illinois, Missouri, Wisconsin, Idaho, Montana, Pennsylvania, Colorado, Tennessee, Kentucky, Florida, plus Alberta Canada.  

And I didn't leave my home once to do it. I didn't drive a single mile to get those people started. I didn't pay for one Hotel room yet. (I will tho once I go to the next event) Facebook didn't charge me a penny to talk to and show all those people my presentation. 

And I was at home eating my wife's Home Cooked meals. Not once did I eat out yet in the last 45 days because I was meeting someone for business. No need to. ​

Is it Duplicating?

Now some people are probably asking, "How's the team doing?" Is it duplicating? Can they do it too? Yes, some of them are winning as well. We have had Team Rank Advancements in the last 45 days as well. They obviously haven't all gotten a check yet, as a lot of them have just gotten started. ​

You could ask yourself this question......Is traveling all over the country doing meetings and house parties duplicatable for a Stay-at-Home Mom or a Traditional Business owner? ​I think most of us know that answer. 

I know this Blog Post is not very tutorial in a How-To fashion showing you exactly what to do. But I felt it was time to provide some simple insight in building an MLM using Facebook and show you that it is being done successfully and it really does seriously reduce your overhead costs of running a Network Marketing business.

Now I must say reducing overhead costs was not our #1 reason for building on Facebook. Spending more time with my wife and kids was the number one reason to do it. Every time someone mentioned that I'm traveling so much and away from my family, I inwardly cringed. And it used to happen a lot. 

Who's lifestyle are you Buying?

I started realizing I'm buying the lifestyle of the leaders I'm following. ​So I started following new ones. We still love the old ones, but we just love them from a distance. Kinda like the 5 people you hang around with the most....determines your income in life!

Hopefully this was helpful for you and shows you that if you are willing to learn new methods, you too can build from Facebook, reduce your overhead costs, and spend more quality time with your children. (If you have any)

If that's the case.....I'd like to invite you to join our Facebook Mastermind Group where we share almost daily tips and strategies for building your MLM business using Facebook. And Yes it's 100% FREE!​

About the author 

Jonas Troyer

Jonas Troyer is the owner and founder of Troyer Websites a web design and digital marketing firm in Apple Creek Ohio.

  1. Thank you so much Jonas! Great post!
    Online Facebook strategies are way better than old school methods.
    Facebook is all about automation, duplication and leverage!

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