How to do Facebook Competitor Ad Research

Have you ever heard of these marketers that advertise on Facebook and supposedly get these incredible results with their ads?

I know I have...

Well recently I've come across 2 different methods that let you see exactly what kind of ads they are running. 

Kinda like Russell Brunson started his Clickfunnels business by "hacking funnels", by the end of this post and video you'll be able to "hack Facebook Ads" and hopefully be able to crush it using Facebook Ads.

First Think "Caffeine"...

No not the coffee kind. 

But the first tool we are going to use is and click on "Examples" at the bottom. 

At the top of the page you should see this...

Just type in the term, name, word, or URL you are wanting to do research on and click the green button. 

Bingo! It will bring up all the ads that have that word or term in it. 

No need to even sign up for an account. They will only show you about 12 of the results unless you are logged in tho. So if you want to sign up for a Free account you can.

Strategy #2

This is super simple! Just go to Facebook and find the business or fan page of any of your competitors that you want. (Or anybody for that matter)

Here's an example of Tony Robbin's page... 

Once you are on the page you are looking for in the left hand column look for "Info and Ads". 

This is a fairly new  feature that Facebook just released not too long again in order to be a little more transparent.

There you have it! 2 very simple ways to find out what kind of Facebook Ads your competition is running. 

This is just one example of what we teach in our Facebook Marketing VIP group every week. (Facebook Ad courses get outdated very fast with all the FB changes) 

Thanks for reading this, and I hope you'll join us inside the Marketing VIP group. If not we'll see you on the internet somewhere!

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