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5 Different Ways to Start an Online Business For Under $1000

It seems that nowadays the rage is to start and grow an online business and truly work from anywhere and live the “Dream Life”. In fact in the last few days I’ve had 2 different people ask me the best way to start an online business, and so that inspired me to write this blog […]

How to do Facebook Competitor Ad Research

Have you ever heard of these marketers that advertise on Facebook and supposedly get these incredible results with their ads? I know I have… Well recently I’ve come across 2 different methods that let you see exactly what kind of ads they are running.  Kinda like Russell Brunson started his Clickfunnels business by “hacking funnels”, by the end […]

How to Create Those 1-Click Email Sign Up Links

In this video I show you how to create a link so that when someone clicks a link in your email, they are automatically subscribed to the appropriate list.  That way people don’t have to opt-in twice to multiple lists. Much easier to get them to subscribe.  Please leave a comment below with your thoughts or […]

Why Ranking #1 on Google Is Bad for Your ROI (And What You Should Do Instead)

Since I’ve started building websites for people, I keep hearing a lot about SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and how important it is or isn’t.  For a lot of Marketers it becomes a lifelong dream to have their business found on page 1 of Google and generating tons of leads and customers for Free. (Meaning not paid […]

How Building a Brand (YOU inc.) Online Makes Recruiting Easier & Faster…

Enjoy this blog post written by special guest Ferny Ceballos…I was having a conversation with my friend, Rob Sperry, who’s a trainer and top earner in network marketing…And I was sharing with him something REALLY PERPLEXING another network marketing top earner said in front of a crowd of a few hundred people at a company […]

How to Build Your Network Marketing Business Online Leveraging the Five Levels of Internet Automation

Reality check: There are a lot of people in network marketing—especially six- and seven-figure earners—who have to work their tail off to maintain their income. And though they have created a successful lifestyle, when they stop working, their income immediately drops. Which, I think we can all agree, isn’t what you want! Because if you’re anything like me, you started […]

The Problem with Prospecting and Recruiting on Social Media

This August will mark 6 years (2011) since I entered the network marketing arena and my life took a crazy detour into the world of entrepreneurship, deep personal development and experiencing more negativity than any human should have to endure. ​The good news is my story in this industry has a good ending. ​I sold my sawmill/timber business […]

How to ATM Your Way to Success in Network Marketing

Okay Jonas, so what the heck are you talking about ATM your way to success in Network Marketing?  Let me explain…..first of all it’s an acronym for Add-Tag-Message​. But before we dig into this, let’s first look at some basics taught by most leaders.  Here is how most leaders and trainers teach to Prospect and Recruit. Pique someone’s […]

3 Strategies to Build Your Business on Social Media

Numerous friends of mine who have earned tens of millions of dollars in network marketing have used Internet marketing and recruiting online to build their organization. Yet, some of them are still teaching old-school methods. Why? Because no matter what evolves, you still want to create engagement offline with your market as well as online when […]

Old School MLM Methods versus Online Facebook Strategies (Includes Proof)

As I turned on the small gravel country road and stopped my car, I came to the realization that something has to change.  I was on the way home traveling thru Indiana when it happened. The car started acting up and I thought it’s probably getting some kind of pneumonia. But that wasn’t the main problem. […]