First of all, Why Twitter? 

Is it worth putting in my time? Let's look into that.

Here are 3 reasons why you should use Twitter as a Spoke on Your Marketing Wheel. The goal should be to get people on your website, blog, or capture page.

#1 It's a lot of Free Traffic

Who wouldn't want that? The more people you have looking at your business or opportunity the better.

#2 You can Really Target Your Audience

And that can be Free too. Or very low-cost depending on how fast you want to do it. You can find other people that are already in a business similar to yours. Or are interested in a business like yours.

#3 You can Automate a Lot of It

We all want more results by investing less time. With the tools available today for Twitter, you can really cut down on the time required ​to get results. 

How do I get started? ​

First of all you need a Twitter account if you don't already have one. Go to and simply sign up for a Free Account.

Second, set up your profile that it looks Professional and tells people at a glance what you do.

NOTICE: I said what you do, not what you are selling. "I help people loose Weight Naturally"​ versus "I sell xyz Product(s) to help you Loose Weight". 

Make sure you add a good profile picture and cover photo that matches your profile bio. Some tweeters will not follow you if you don't have a profile picture.

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​Apply Attraction Marketing Principles

This right here is probably the Key to long-term results and actually getting your followers to engage and eventually buy from you or join your team.

Always lead with Value! Think educational, inspiring, and positive motivating ​tweets first! Click here for a Free 10 Attraction Marketing Bootcamp 

Twitter limits you to 140 characters per tweet, so you will have to keep them fairly short. Motivational quotes are very popular on twitter and generally get a lot of likes and retweets.

So make sure you add some great quotes to the mix.

 Automate your Content

Automate or schedule your tweets. I used to use Hootesuite until I learned of SocialJukebox. SocialJukebox you can load all your tweets into it, set the schedule, and it'll tweet for you 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. 

Click Here to see How Social JukeBox Works.

The more you tweet, the better your engagement will be. The more engagement, the better your results. Of course you could probably over do it. 

The more good tweets you have the more often I would tweet. For example, if you only have 20 different tweets you should probably only tweet a couple times per day max. 

But if you have 500 or 5,000 tweets set up, you can tweet a couple times per hour.

Follow and Unfollow

The Twitter Golden Rule is: Want a Follower, be a Follower!  If you want a lot of Followers, you will probably have to follow a lot of people. 

At least if you want to do it fast. 

A great tool to use for this is StatusBrew. ​

​StatusBrew shows you who followed you, who unfollowed you, who didn't follow you back, and copy followers from an account in your industry. (like Ray Higdon, Amy Porterfield, or Todd Falcone)

So you want to follow a bunch of people in your industry, give them time to follow you back, unfollow the ones that don't and add fresh ones.

How much time should you give people to follow you back? That depends on how fast you want to build your audience. ​

I wanted to do it fast, so I only gave them 24 to 48 hours to follow me back. But I've heard of others that do more like 10 days. If you do it fast, you'll probably get the most active tweeters.  ​

​Direct Message new Followers

This is one of the best ways to engage with your followers on a daily basis. StatusBrew offers that option to automatically DM the people that follow you back. 

Again, keep in mind to lead with Value here. Just sending a sign up link, is spamming people and they will ignore it like the "trash mail" they get in their mailbox almost everyday.

So try to connect with people and get to know them.

End your DM with a question. ​Here is one of best performing Direct Messages...


This is another great way to increase engagement. Hashtags on twitter allow people to find your content more easily.

That's just a good start to what's possible with Twitter. There is so much more out there. 

For more tips and training on how to build your twitter audience and turn them into leads for your business, sign up for my 3 Part Twitter Video Series on how to get more leads & sales ~ 97% on Autopilot

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Happy Tweeting!​