How to Maximize Your Income in Network Marketing

If you understand that in the root cause of generating an income is solving problems, wouldn’t it make sense to have more solutions in your back pocket when you need them? No, I’m not talking about about joining more than 1 Network Marketing company. Or not to build a business with. (It’s perfectly fine to support […]

How to Succeed in Network Marketing if You Are Brand New

First of all you gotta remember everybody that is already successful in the industry started where you are right now.  Nobody has a better advantage in the industry then the next guy. Now you will be ‘rewarded or punished’ for the life you lead before you joined the industry, but there’s some principles that ​you probably […]

How to answer, “Why aren’t Your Products FDA Approved?”

A lot of MLMpreneurs in health and wellness companies get this question quite a bit. “Why aren’t your Products FDA approved?”  It can be a challenging question to answer if you aren’t prepared for it.  This is how I answer that question….​ It Doesn’t apply to usThe FDA approves Food and Drugs. And we aren’t selling […]

MLM Amateur: Will You Marry Me?

Prospecting for your MLM business is very much like Dating in a sense. But so many people are asking their prospect, “Will you marry me?”  before they hardly even know each other. Like on their first or second date.  Let’s talk about it. ​How many times have you been *approached* by an MLM or Affiliate entrepreneur […]

From Amish to an Online Business

​ Growing up Amish in Holmes County Ohio the oldest of 10 children taught me responsibility. I clearly remember when my dad was ordained bishop of our church. Going places with horse and buggy never seemed out of the ordinary because that’s all I knew. I never imagined growing up that I’d ever drive a […]

Old School MLM Methods versus Online Facebook Strategies (Includes Proof)

As I turned on the small gravel country road and stopped my car, I came to the realization that something has to change.  I was on the way home traveling thru Indiana when it happened. The car started acting up and I thought it’s probably getting some kind of pneumonia. But that wasn’t the main problem. […]

7 Things MLM Leaders Want to Hear from You

Everybody studies how to be a better MLM leader. But what about when you are just getting started or on your way to becoming a leader? This post will help you grow into a leader by starting your business off on the right foundation. ​What NOT to Say to Your MLM Leaders​1. I sure hope this […]

5 Things to keep in Mind when looking for an MLM Opportunity

With Network Marketing being the Hottest secondary income stream for most people nowadays, I thought we should put together some key pointers in what to look for when considering joining an MLM company.  These are not necessarily in order of most important. But just some pointers to consider if you are looking for a company to […]

What To Do When Your Upline Doesn’t Want You to Use the Internet to Build

A very common question I get from people learning the cutting edge online recruiting methods inside the ‘Attraction Marketing Formula’ training, has to do with a concern over being scolded by their upline for “choosing a different path.” For example, I was on a webinar a couple months ago and a woman asked how she should […]

How to Build a Twitter Following and Turn them into Leads for Your Business

First of all, Why Twitter?  Is it worth putting in my time? Let’s look into that.  Here are 3 reasons why you should use Twitter as a Spoke on Your Marketing Wheel. The goal should be to get people on your website, blog, or capture page.#1 It’s a lot of Free TrafficWho wouldn’t want that? The […]