Got an event coming up? It can be a challenge to put it onto your website without the right tools. That's why I recorded this video to show you how easy it is to do it if you use the right tools. 

Install the Right Plugin

Go thru the settings as seen in the videos. Make sure you add your Google Maps API key if you want the map to display on the event page. Otherwise you can just show the Maps links and when someone clicks on it, it'll open in Google Maps.

Adding an Event

Almost like adding a new blog post. Within the dashboard look for the new Tab called 'Events' and click on 'Add New'. Give it a title and just fill out every section as you go down the page. 

Don't forget the Featured image and the category on the right hand column before you actually publish it!

Once you're done, hit "Publish" and you're off to the races!! 

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Jonas & Barbara live in Ohio with their 6 children. Owner of Troyer Websites as well as being professional marketers and marketing trainers and love traveling and enjoying the great outdoors! When they aren't building their business on Facebook or Twitter you will find them spending time with their kids or gardening or on a trip adventure of some kind.

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