From your WordPress dashboard click on 'Add New Post'. Put in your title and 'Save as Draft'. Always save as draft until you are ready to publish. 

Next click on the Green Button 'Edit with Thrive Architect'.  

I always like to start with an Image. Grab the 'Image' element and drop it onto the post. Upload your image and make sure it's the right size. 

To insert a video like the one above, just left click and hold and drop your 'video' element on the post where you want it. 

Always Have Social Share Buttons​​​​​​​

People are not nearly as likely to share your post if there's no share buttons. Watch the video to make sure you have your Twitter and Pinterest settings correct. 

Once you have it the way you want it, make sure you check the 'tablet view' and the 'mobile view' and make sure spacing, letter size, and letter styles are correct. 

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