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How to Succeed in Network Marketing if You Are Brand New

First of all you gotta remember everybody that is already successful in the industry started where you are right now.  Nobody has a better advantage in the industry then the next guy. Now you will be ‘rewarded or punished’ for the life you lead before you joined the industry, but there’s some principles that ​you probably […]

From Amish to an Online Business

​ Growing up Amish in Holmes County Ohio the oldest of 10 children taught me responsibility. I clearly remember when my dad was ordained bishop of our church. Going places with horse and buggy never seemed out of the ordinary because that’s all I knew. I never imagined growing up that I’d ever drive a […]

Old School MLM Methods versus Online Facebook Strategies (Includes Proof)

As I turned on the small gravel country road and stopped my car, I came to the realization that something has to change.  I was on the way home traveling thru Indiana when it happened. The car started acting up and I thought it’s probably getting some kind of pneumonia. But that wasn’t the main problem. […]

Branding Yourself on Facebook to Build Your Network Marketing Business

Do you want to Brand YOU or your company?  I’d recommend Branding YOU! Don’t mention your company or product anywhere on your Facebook profile. ​You want people to know what you stand for and what you can do for them.  ​Your cover photo is very important. Make sure you have a great cover photo that at first […]