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How to add your Affiliate Link to your Blog Post using Thrive Architect

In this video I’m going to show you how to hyper-link a link into your blog post if you are using Thrive Architect.  Now if you aren’t using Thrive Architect, the process will be almost the same, only a few things will be moved around.  Here is the link I inserted in the video to the […]

How to Create Those 1-Click Email Sign Up Links

In this video I show you how to create a link so that when someone clicks a link in your email, they are automatically subscribed to the appropriate list.  That way people don’t have to opt-in twice to multiple lists. Much easier to get them to subscribe.  Please leave a comment below with your thoughts or […]

What Exactly is Elite Marketing Pro?

Picture taken at No Excuses 8 with Brandy ShaverHave you ever wondered what exactly is Elite Marketing Pro and what do they do?  I know I had and I’ve had a lot of people ask over the last year or 2… so I decided to do a video and give you my best explanation and […]

How to Maximize Your Income in Network Marketing

If you understand that in the root cause of generating an income is solving problems, wouldn’t it make sense to have more solutions in your back pocket when you need them? No, I’m not talking about about joining more than 1 Network Marketing company. Or not to build a business with. (It’s perfectly fine to support […]