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Tips and Strategies for Blogging!

How to add your Affiliate Link to your Blog Post using Thrive Architect

In this video I’m going to show you how to hyper-link a link into your blog post if you are using Thrive Architect.  Now if you aren’t using Thrive Architect, the process will be almost the same, only a few things will be moved around.  Here is the link I inserted in the video to the […]

Why Ranking #1 on Google Is Bad for Your ROI (And What You Should Do Instead)

Since I’ve started building websites for people, I keep hearing a lot about SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and how important it is or isn’t.  For a lot of Marketers it becomes a lifelong dream to have their business found on page 1 of Google and generating tons of leads and customers for Free. (Meaning not paid […]

Adding a ManyChat Messenger Button to Your Website/Blog

It seems it’s the latest Rage in the Online Marketing world. Using Facebook Messenger Bots to communicate with your prospects, generating leads, and even running ‘Bot ads’.  ManyChat seems to be the service almost everybody is using. It’s free to get started, only $10 per month for the Pro version, and it’s fairly easy to set […]

Creating a Capture Page for your Lead Magnet

The key to generating leads for your blog, is having a Lead Magnet or a giveaway of some kind that people want, in exchange for their email address, or permission to message them via FB messenger.  In this video I’m going to show you how you can quickly and easily create your first capture page using […]

How to Create a Simple MLM Sales Funnel for your Blog

So how can you use your Blog to build your MLM business? In this post I’m going to share with you how to create a simple Sales Funnel for your blog to generate leads using your Blog. First step is deciding what you are branding yourself as. Are you going to blog about business or product […]

Writing your first Blog Post with the NEW Thrive Architect Editor

From your WordPress dashboard click on ‘Add New Post’. Put in your title and ‘Save as Draft’. Always save as draft until you are ready to publish. Next click on the Green Button ‘Edit with Thrive Architect’.  I always like to start with an Image. Grab the ‘Image’ element and drop it onto the post. Upload […]