Have you had a Prospect do their research and come back to you telling you that they can just buy your product(s) on Amazon or eBay?

I have… and it stinks!

But there’s a way to overcome that and have most of them end up in your business. At least as a product user. 

Share with them the exact cost of what they will be spending with you. 

But Most Importantly

Show them the value of being in business with you. They have no real benefit of purchasing their products on Amazon or eBay besides the price. If they are in your business you can help them build a business or at the very least get their products for Free. 

Also in most companies they do not allow you to sell the products on Amazon or eBay. So the people that are selling them are actually doing it illegally. So you can tell your Prospect that they are actually supporting an illegal activity by buying on Amazon or eBay, most of them will understand and buy from you instead.  

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One thought on “How to Overcome the Amazon and eBay Objection

  1. James says:

    Great video Jonas I was literally just talking aout this very objection the other day! Amazing advice as always! Keep it coming brother!

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