Prospecting for your MLM business is very much like Dating in a sense. But so many people are asking their prospect, "Will you marry me?"  before they hardly even know each other. Like on their first or second date. 

Let's talk about it. ​How many times have you been *approached* by an MLM or Affiliate entrepreneur on Social Media that you didn't hardly know, maybe you had just met, and they ask you to join their business or buy their product? Either via private message or in just one of their Facebook posts. 

Or maybe they PITCHED their deal in the comments of one of your Facebook posts. Thinking they will "attract" some of your friends that might be open to buying their product or joining their team. ​Ugh!

Again they are asking them to marry before they even met them. Would you ask a DATE to spend the rest of their life with you, on your first date? Probably not....

Let's talk about a few things you can do to build that relationship first instead of spamming people on Social Media. 

Building the Relationships

First of all, do you care about other people's lives outside of making a commission when they join your team or buy your product? Network Marketing will bring out the best in you and probably expose the worst in you too at some point.

I think one of the best ways to start building those relationships is to look at what is happening in that person's life and then just start a conversation. Let's say you are on Facebook and talking to Mike. Ask him, "How's it going Mike?" (use their name whenever possible) 

If they are nice and respond ​back, great! Find out what is going on is his/her life and if there's anything you guys have in common. It's always good to find some common ground, something you both can relate to. 

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You'll eventually want to lead the conversation to, "What do you do?" As in work/income unless you already know. The goal is to just find out if the person is open to looking. ​

Find their Pain/Struggle

You'll ultimately want to listen to what they are saying in their conversation. Are they having any pains or struggles in their lives that your product/service or opportunity can help them with. 

Now if you hear something don't just go grab your link and send it to them and say, sign here or order here. ​

If they ask for information that's when you send it. Or if you ask them if it's okay to send them a link. 

Most people consider it spam unless they asked for a link or they know it is coming.

Same thing with Facebook groups. Don't add people to Facebook groups without their permission. Most times if you ask they are more then happy to join your group. But now it is their idea, not yours. ​

Finding enough People to talk to.

I think one of the reason's people are so link-happy is because they feel like they don't have enough people to talk to. They have a scarcity mentality. Like we are going to run out of people or something. 

God is in the business of making New People everyday!

We will never run out of people to talk to. We just have to learn how to find the people that are open and are looking for an opportunity. Here are a few ways to do that. 

1. Facebook suggested friends. We teach our team members to send 5 new people a friend request everyday. Now that could be either a friend of a friend. (you have mutual friends) or it could be someone you met in town and you friend them up on Facebook. Don't go too crazy on this one or you could end up in Facebook Jail and that wouldn't be good. 

2. Law of Attraction Groups. These people think there's a reason you contacted them. Like a super natural reason. Haha.. But that relationship before any links. 

3. Run Facebook Ads. You'll probably only want to do this if you've had some training on Facebook Ads. Lot's of people have lost money on Facebook Ads. But if you know what you are doing, this is a very good and profitable strategy. 

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Use Attraction Marketing!

This is will not all fit in this blog post. But basically you are marketing to attract the people to you instead of you chasing after them. I remember I used to think, "Yeah that sounds so cool, you are just saying that to get me to say tell me more."

But since I've been using it myself and actually experienced it (Yes I was attracted to a leader in my current company) i use it all the time and have people messaging me almost every day asking for either info on our company or training for the company they are in. 

But basically you are leading with value and using Curiosity Marketing where people have to ask you for the info about what exactly you are doing. And that definitely means no links until they ask for it. 

You also want to position yourself as an expert. And experts seem to have their own training material or then they know where to point you to get great training. Because I'll almost guarantee you if you use attraction marketing, you will run into people that are only looking for training. Be prepared for that if possible.  ​

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Hope that helped you out. Feel free to share with your team if you think this will help them as well. 

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