The Key to Creating Influence in Your Home Business - Jonas Troyer

The Key to Creating Influence in Your Home Business

By Jonas Troyer

How do you create more influence to better grow your business? In this video we talk about that. 

What you want to do to create more, but also 1 thing to definitely avoid as well. 

The key to creating influence!

Posted by Jonas Troyer on Saturday, September 2, 2017

As you can see this video was done as a Facebook Live on my fanpage (business page). Make sure you like my page and subscribe to live notifications. Link is somewhere on this page.

Remember to lift others up and in the process, it will help you. Thanks for watching and please share with your friends.  


About the Author

Jonas & Barbara live in Ohio with their 5 children. Owner of Troyer Websites as well as being professional marketers and marketing trainers and love traveling and enjoying the great outdoors! When they aren't building their business on Facebook or Twitter you will find them spending time with their kids or gardening or on a trip adventure of some kind.