You might be wondering why I’m holding this bunny rabbit…

Well I want you to focus for 2 minutes and listen to this message!

The key is to stay focused on your goal and what it takes to get there. Running down all these bunny trails will almost always bring you back in a circle to where you left off.

Because Bunnies don’t run straight!

If you have ever tracked a bunny in the snow you know what I’m talking about. 

So the next time you see something that is questionable about whether it will help you reach your goal or be a distraction, remember the bunny!

On the other hand there are a lot of things changing in this world. If you always stick to the old way of doing things, you will be left behind. 

For example……the way we communicate has drastically changed in the last 20 years. We all have cell phones today that basically let us reach almost anybody in the world in mere seconds. 

So is the Internet a Bunny? 

Don’t kid yourself ……it’s changing the way we must build our Network Marketing businesses. It’s becoming harder and harder to get people to answer the phone. Especially the younger generation. 

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They are all on their phone either playing Pokemon Go or Snapchatting their friends or texting their wife 10 feet away! (maybe)

In plain language they are probably chasing some kind of  bunnies!


MLM is NOT in the Lead

Network Marketing is NO LONGER the fastest growing Industry. Last year Amazon did more sales than the top 100 Network Marketing companies all combined!

Where does Amazon get their sales? 


Actually totally online. They have no stores that I’m aware of. So is Amazon the business to be in? 

5 years ago maybe. But remember now you would be competing with people in China and Mexico if you do. 

It’s becoming a Global Economy. 

So how does this affect the MLM industry?

Lot’s of top leaders are discouraging the use of the internet to build a team. They have been teaching “Don’t reinvent the Wheel” for a long time. And that’s true! But what they keep forgetting is that Wheels roll. 

A wheel is not made to stay in the same place. 

For example…..30 years ago before we had any cellphones, it was very difficult to do any credibility calls. Then the wheel rolled into the cellphone era.

Now the Offline way of teaching is to show a video and then call your upline for a credibility call. It works!

But the Wheel didn’t Stop! 

The newest technology has kept the wheel turning. It’s still the same wheel. But it’s now heading into the Internet era of building. 

It’s becoming much easier to get people to watch a video or jump on a webinar then to meet up with you for coffee or come to a meeting. It’s just a fact. Like it or not that’s where the industry is heading. 

People are building a successful MLM business online. They are building online relationships and building teams of people all over the world. Because remember, the internet has no geograghical boundaries. 

So the Wheel is not on a Bunny Trail?

Look at the statistics! Everything is heading online. Have you purchased anything on Amazon or eBay lately?

So why wouldn’t MLM go there? 

The cool thing about online is you can actually find and target people that are looking for what you have to offer. If you know what you are doing.

There are people looking for MLM companies to join everyday. All you have to do is position yourself properly to Attract them to you. 

And Oh please…. don’t Spam people with your MLM links. People get so tired of seeing those on Facebook all the time. 

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I went through this Bootcamp myself and I’ll assure you it’s not a Bunny trail.

It's the future!​