If you want to use Facebook to build a business or sell a product, according to their policies & procedures you need a Fan page or a Business page. 

It's also the only way you can run Ads. A lot of Entrepreneurs starting out will start their business page and then run a 'likes campaign' to get some followers so you can start running real Ads.  ​

New Ad accounts need 100+ followers to begin running Ads.

Make Sure You're Logged into Facebook on a Computer

This method will only work if you're logged-in from a computer and using your browser. Don't use any kind of apps or it won't work.

Now click on the BLUE button underneath the video down below. This is the special "Profile to Page" link that Facebook provides us for this very method. 


If you go to the same link later while you are logged into the same Facebook account it will automatically redirect you to the page you created earlier. 

Click on the green Get Started button and follow the steps. You'll be given the choice of copying over all your photos and videos if you want. (I didn't do that)

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What if I want a Different Name?

You are not given the choice of names when you create it this way. It will automatically make it whatever your personal profile is. 

If you want a different name you basically have 2 choices. 

  1. Create a page the other way and build your followers from scratch
  2. Do it this way and wait a little while then change the name IF Facebook let's you

I would personally choose the later and at least give it a shot. You can always do the other route later if you have to. 

But I Already Have a Page

I did too. I did this method anyway and gave it about a week or so then I merged my old page with my new one. 

Gained about 3,000+ followers that way. 

If you absolutely don't want your friends following your page then you shouldn't do this method. 

Facebook only shows your Page posts to about 1% to 3% of your followers anyway, why not get as many followers as possible and build up that Social Proof.!

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You're probably using your page mostly for ads anyway...

Let's get started!

Want Even More Followers?

We grew 2 of our pages by over 21,000 NEW Followers combined in just 7 days here a little while back. 

I shot a video about how we did that, that you can grab here.