List Building

How to Build a Double Opt-in List Building Funnel

7 University Intermediate

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In this mini-course we will go over all the steps required to create a double opt-in funnel to build your email list. 

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Creating the Lead Magnet (PDF Version)

This is where I recommend you get started. Building the Funnel backwards makes it easier to do everything. 

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Adding a New List in Mailchimp

This is fairly simple, but this step must be done before you can connect the capture page to the list.

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Creating the 3 Webpages

Log into your Wordpress Dashboard and create these pages. 

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Setting up the Confirmation Page

This is a very simple page to create. Especially if you use the Thrive Templates.

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Creating the Capture Page

This is where you want to use your best copywriting skills. 

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Mailchimp Confirmation Settings

This is where you create the correct linkage so that when the new subscriber confirms their email address, they get access to their download. 

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Mailchimp Email Automation

Setting up the automated Welcome email.

Jonas Troyer