Do you want to Brand YOU or your company? 

I'd recommend Branding YOU! Don't mention your company or product anywhere on your Facebook profile. ​You want people to know what you stand for and what you can do for them. 

​Your cover photo is very important. Make sure you have a great cover photo that at first glance people know what you do or stand for. 

In your "Bio" section, put something that Attracts the type of people you actually want in your business. (Not everyone is a Prospect) More on that later..

A great example of ​is what my friend in the UK is doing. Here is a screenshot she gave me permission to share. 

So what should you post about if you don't post about the company or the products? 

3 Basic types of posts you want to share. Here they are....

Was that helpful? Feel free to share with your team and business partners. 

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4 thoughts on “Branding Yourself on Facebook to Build Your Network Marketing Business

  1. Natalie Dupuis says:

    Great training Jonas. I really need more of “me” to come out and be more clear on how I’m going to help others in my facebook page. Very informative content you shared. Thanks!

  2. Judith Moor says:

    Absolutely Great Content Jonas. Branding yourself instead of your company is one of the most important aspects of building our home businesses. To brand yourself, start by asking yourself, who do I want people to know me for? What is your Vision for your career. If you are going to be helping people, what sort of help will that be?
    Yaaaay, I am featured. Hahahahah
    Brilliant tips on the types of post – it doesn’t get any better than that. Kudos

  3. Gary N. Harris says:

    Great tips i want to go change my profile right now to attract people to my page ..I need more educational value post information please can we build and explain more on point one more examples please love All the tips found them All helpfull and incouraging look forward to more and reviewing in the future..thanks Nate Harris

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