Who Should Do Network Marketing and Who Shouldn’t?

Curious who should participate in Network Marketing and who shouldn’t? I believe anybody could but not everybody should. In this post you will also get some Network Marketing tips for those already participating or with the desire to.Why Network Marketing?In regards to starting a business, it is low cost, low overhead and lower risk than any […]

Pyramid Scheme versus Pyramid Structure

One of the most common objections to Network Marketing companies is the pyramid argument. Many people will argue that Network Marketing companies are ‘pyramid schemes’ but that is not usually the case. If it were, they will be closed down fairly quickly. There is a big difference between ‘pyramid structure’ and ‘pyramid scheme’. Almost every business […]

The #1 Reason People Quit MLM and 3 Ways to Prevent it!

As I drove up Interstate 75 through Georgia on the way back from Ray Higdon’s Prospecting and Recruiting Summit, my mind kept going back to one thing I had heard at the event. Now of course I had heard a lot of things, but this one speaker said something that really resonated with me.  It was Brian […]

Branding Yourself on Facebook to Build Your Network Marketing Business

Do you want to Brand YOU or your company?  I’d recommend Branding YOU! Don’t mention your company or product anywhere on your Facebook profile. ​You want people to know what you stand for and what you can do for them.  ​Your cover photo is very important. Make sure you have a great cover photo that at first […]

What is The Ultimate Lifestyle Business Academy?

Every business in the world needs customers. Some need Team Members. Some can only do business locally, but most can do business all over the world.  Since almost everyone in the world is on the Internet nowadays, Facebook for example knows who and where our perfect customers are. They can put your offer in front […]

Three Proven Ways to Grow Your Network Marketing Business, Using the Internet

Ok, I’m going to cut write to the chase. If you want to grow your Network Marketing Business using the Internet I would Highly-Recommend you Purchase the eBook called “Attraction Marketing Formula“Let me explain why……We used to not use the Internet properly to grow our business. Facebook and other Social Media were mostly used for posting […]

Is an Auto Responder a Recruiting Robot?

When you are first getting started in the online marketing world it probably will seem overwhelming at first.  But when you first get started in anything it’s the same thing! When you started your first job, when you started your first business, it all seemed like you kinda knew where you wanted to go but you had […]

3 Simple Steps to Recruit Leaders using Social Media

A Question Often Asked…How can I Target Leaders and Actually get BUSINESS BUILDERS to join my team?We have all experienced the “product users” that don’t seem to want to do any business regardless what we do or say.  Since we’ve  been on Social Media since shortly after we started our business. In the beginning we had […]

There goes a Rabbit! (You are Distracted)

You might be wondering why I’m holding this bunny rabbit… Well I want you to focus for 2 minutes and listen to this message! The key is to stay focused on your goal and what it takes to get there. Running down all these bunny trails will almost always bring you back in a circle to […]