When you are first getting started in the online marketing world it probably will seem overwhelming at first. 

But when you first get started in anything it’s the same thing! When you started your first job, when you started your first business, it all seemed like you kinda knew where you wanted to go but you had no clue how you are going to get there!

This should give you a Little More Clarity

First of all is it possible to set up an Auto Responder to do your Recruiting for you?

Let’s look at some online facts before we answer that question.

 The internet has really sped up the pace of a lot of things in the business world. Just look at the speed increase from the Pony Express to the USPS, Cellphones, and the now the Internet. 

So has it increased the speed of growing your MLM business?

First of all you must understand how an Auto Responder works to even use it properly to your advantage. 

We were using our Auto Responder a year before we actually used the Automation feature in it. 

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Let’s Assume You Have Steady Leads Coming In

You have a daily supply of email addresses coming into your Auto Responder now what?

You will definitely want to set up and use the Automation feature of your Auto Responder. 

Within the Automation you can write your emails and that same email can then be used and send out thousands of times!


You set up the “Trigger” but let’s say you set it up that it will send immediately after a new person opts-in on your capture page or joins your list. 

Now your first goal is to start building a Relationship with this person. 

So the first email should be an intro to you an who you are, what you stand for, and what you might be able to help them DO. 

Do not try to sell in that first email. They don’t know and Trust you that well yet and you don’t know what that person needs yet.

A good practice is to include a Video in that first email. That always personalizes the message a lot more. 

Also my friend John offers them a Free gift if they reply to the first email. Then when they reply, he sends them a good video with some great content in it. 

How soon should you send that Second Email?

That will depend in the beginning on how much Value you can provide. If you jump into selling too quick you will almost certainly loose some subscribers.

You can always add to your Automation, change triggers, and really tweak the emails that you send out!

For example…..once you are leading them towards your product or your opportunity you can see who opens certain emails and what links they clicked on. (if any) 

Then by watching your reports, you can follow up with those people that showed the most interest. 

Your  Auto Responder is the tool you use to Build a Large part of Your Online Relationships  

It’s the Fork that is feeding the mouth. The switch that turns on the lights. 

The engine that drives your car.

But here is what it’s NOT

     – It’s NOT the fuel for the engine.

     – It’s NOT putting the passengers into your car.

     – And it’s NOT driving the car.

It’s only the Engine.

It’s kinda like the Internet itself. It doesn’t have more on it than what a person put on it. (or in it)

You are the Driver

You must have a system that brings in the leads into the Auto Responder. That is usually done with a capture page and targeted advertising. 

Then you have to “fuel” the engine and every so often you must change the oil. (write emails & tweak them)

After you feel that you have build a Relationship and you know your prospect (fan now) is ready you need to have a really good Sales Page if you want to Automate the actual “close”. 

Because most company’s websites do not actually tell you what the different options are… or the benefits of starting big….etc..

So a really good Sales Page will get your client in the right mood before you send them to your personal company website. 

So is your Auto Responder a Recruiting Robot? 

Not totally in itself. It’s a part of the process but you still need the leads coming in, and then the Auto responder and the Sales Page to polish off the system. 

Also if you use it properly your Auto Responder will help with your retention rate. 

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